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Review : Dark Hearts by Micalea Smelzter

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

A sexy and emotional read that will leave you with one hell of a book hangover.

When two damaged people come together usually things do not end up well. The dark yearns for its light. When two damaged people who are so perfect for each other that they are like an extension of the other come together .. well then that is magic and a heaven sent. 

Jace and Nova have had horrible childhoods. A life that has not been easy for either of them. The emotional scars they carry are deep and festered. You would think a relationship like that is doomed to failed wouldn't you? LOL You obviously haven't really met these two tenacious people, whose spirit deep down rivals that of a lion. The angst, push and pull, twists and turns had me on edge and rooting for this couple I came to love so dear. Their journey is not an easy one, the lessons learned along the way heart breaking but the outcome .. ohh you just have to read and find out about that one ! 

5 Heartbreaking and Sexy Stars