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Review : Dirty Money by Jessica Clare


Writing: Great
Violence: None
Sex: Explicit
Narration: 1st person; alternating

This book was an unexpected delight for me.  Boone is one determined man and what he wants he gets, no exceptions.  He is aggressive and demanding yet totally devoted and loving.  I want him...please?  Jessica Clare did a great job creating the perfect redneck Alpha male.  His antics made me laugh and then his sweet, raw side made me cry.  I know usually romance books are about the girl getting the guy...but I was totally cheering for Boone the whole time.  Not to say that Ivy didn’t have great qualities, but Boone made this story what it was.  I can’t wait to read the follow up books about the brothers and I secretly hope that they are just as wild as Boone!

Ivy Smithfield has worked hard to overcome her past and provide a bright future for her sister.  It has taken a lot of hard work, but the end result is a polished veneer that no one would know hid a girl from the trailer park who has had to work her fingers to the bone to get even this far.  Working in real estate for the worst bosses around barely helps put food on the table, but she is determined that if she finds just the right client, it will make all the difference for her and her sister.

In walks Boone Price, roughneck extraordinaire.  Boone is tired of being disrespected in the business world.  Sure he came from nothing and still lives in the same trailer he grew up in, but he has earned the respect he isn’t getting.  Going on a mission to make the world see he isn’t a joke, he sets his sights on a beautiful woman in a real estate ad...because what else do you need to look successful besides a big fancy house and a pretty lady on your arm.  Boone is determined, but Ivy is about to give him a run for his money.  

Dirty Money by Jessica Clare is the first book in the Roughneck Billionaire Series.  Dirty Money ends in an HEA and there are no cliffhangers.

I am giving Dirty Money 4 Stars

Reviewed by Corrie H