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Review : Drowning by Marni Mann & Gia Riley

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Sometimes the difficult reads are the ones that touch your soul, Drowning was just such a read for me. 

It's not always easy reading about characters going through emotional pain, however when they FINALLY achieve the happiness they so richly deserve, well then the roller coaster was well worth it.

Andi and Clay are both damaged, they both are running from the past and are so alike in so many ways yet different in others. Life has not been easy for either of them and the difficulties just keep on coming for these two. Everything they have ever known will be tested numerous times but how these two handle circumstances end up defining them as a couple and as individuals. 

The range of emotions I felt while reading had me crying, laughing, swooning and biting my nails. The Authors did a fantastic job where the story flowed and was written flawlessly. One of the best Co written books I have read to date.  

When you are at your lowest, it's that person who reaches out to you that will save from drowning and from losing yourself to the darkness. 

An emotional, gritty, raw and beautiful love story everyone should read.