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Review : Dying Wish by Margaret McHeyzer



Having not personally read any of Margaret McHeyzer (I know I have no excuse why)I wasn’t sure what to expect and this was compounded by the fact that I hadn’t read the blurb so I REALLY had no clue what to expect. However as soon as I read the prologue I knew I was in for an emotional ride in ‘Dying Wish’ and I wasn’t wrong, 5 stars.

With a title like ‘Dying Wish’ I should have been prepared I guess for the story to come but I wasn’t, this was a lovely but poignant tale that was amazingly written. Not a person who really gets emotional enough to cry at many books well this book was one that managed to break through and had me shedding tears.

A story about 3 friends and the love, loyalty, friendship and loss that they have to deal with it will leave a mark on your heart for sure. This is one of the hardest books I have had to review as I don’t want to explain why I cried or why I loved it as I couldn’t do it in only a few words I would end up giving too much away and I don’t want to do that as I truly think this is a book that you should read without any preconceived thoughts or ideas.

Margaret McHeyzer has written an amazingly beautiful and heart breaking book that I think will take me a while to get over. I hope you trust me and pick this book up as it is a must read. I am sorry that I haven’t read any of Margaret’s books before but from now on I will never hesitate to pick up one of her books.

Reviewed by Louise G.