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Review : Egomaniac by Vi Keeland



This book is a definite must read and you are missing out if you do not pick this up. ‘Egomaniac’ by Vi Keeland was a smart, sexy and engrossing book that I was sorry there wasn’t more of. It is a huge 5 stars.

Anything you read by Vi Keeland is always going to be entertaining but this has just become my favourite of all her books. Both the main characters were amazing together and the banter between them had me reading with a permanent smile on my face when I wasn’t actually laughing out loud.

Drew Jagger is an egomaniac and is quite happy with being called that from Emerie Rose, quite frankly he is happy with anything she calls him and the angrier the better sometimes. These two met when Drew returns to his office to find that Emerie has been scammed into believing that his office on Park Avenue is now hers. Somehow instead of what he would normally do and not get involved Drew finds himself helping Emerie and she manages to endear herself to him.Also he just finds it entertaining to rile her up and make her respond. Not before long he is offering her to share his office until she works something else out.

From the first encounter Drew is attracted to Emerie and finds great enjoyment in watching her walk away as it gives him a perfect few of her behind. Emerie also is quick to notice how handsome and sexy Drew is but the two of them actually manage to become close as friends first. Drew is sexy and sweet with his kind gestures and thinking about Emerie and how to do things for her. Emerie is sassy and has a feisty side but is also optimistic and hopeful when it comes to love. They were a brilliant combination.

The quick wit and cheeky comments made this a great entertaining read but it also had enough heat to have you blushing at times but overall I was sad to finish this book as I could have kept reading and reading. I can’t recommend ‘Egomaniac’ enough and would hope that you all pick it up.

Reviewed by Louise G.