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Review : Exes by Aria Hawthorne



“There’s only two people who loved each other - not that long ago - and lost their way.”

I absolutely LOVED Exes by Aria Hawthorne. This is my second book by Ms. Hawthorne and just like Closer, I couldn’t put the book down! Exes is a second chance romance with a bit of treasure hunting.

Alma Castillo is a top fine arts antique expert specializing in antique glass works in Chicago. She is obsessed with Louis Comfort Tiffany, the leading artist in fine glass work and jewelry. Once married and now divorced to Harvey Zale, billionaire architect, asshole in every way, caring only about money and his buildings.

After their divorce, Conchita, Alma’s sister who is witty and care free sets them both up, secretly together for “sexting” messages. Both crave this time of the evening to be who they want to be with no inhibitions. For Alma she can “... pretend to be someone fearless and uninhibited - someone she rarely allowed herself to be.”  She is controlled, conservative and old-fashioned when dating men so for her to step out of her comfort zone is a big deal.

Having not seen one another since the divorce, one of Harvey’s properties has been recognized to hold some antique window panes that might be Tiffany, which brings Alma to his presence. Arriving right before demolition and realizing that she has to go through her ex-husband and persuade him to not sell the property is exactly what she does not want to do. Just like when she divorced him a year prior, Alma sees that Harvey has not changed one bit… he is still the ruthless, money mogul who has a touch of asshole-ness.

Unknowing to Alma, Harvey still yearns for her. He was hurt by her serving him divorce papers, but now since he has something she wants he hopes that this can help rekindle their love for one another. “You were my wife and the love of my life. So no matter what you choose to believe about me now, I won’t let you believe anything less than that.”  Just when you think the unveiling of each others “sexting” persona is revealed, Ms. Hawthorne keeps you turning the page for more!

Hunting for antiques with a billionaire boy-toy… think of all the exciting adventures! Harvey is an alpha jerk on the outside but deep down is a sweet teddy bear. He is sweet and loving and longs for his ex to return. Alma is so driven in her quest for anything Tiffany and to conquer her goals she will have to have the help of her ex. The chemistry between these two characters is so hot within the sheets and love the comical bantering between the two outside the bedroom.

5+ Stars… Can’t say enough great things about this book! This is a must read for anyone who loves a good romance!

Reviewed by Allyson S.