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Review : Hold My Breath by Ginger Scott


***ARC provided by Author for honest review***

Writing: Great
Violence: None
Sex: Some
Narration: 1st Person, alternating

Hold My Breath by Ginger Scott made me do exactly that! When an author can put so much heartache and and so many trials, but not too many, into their story, I think it turns out to be one of the greatest things ever written.  From the beginning of this story I was emotionally invested.  I was left guessing every chapter if they would ever get over the pain from the past.  When a story like this unfolds, it is one of my favorite things to read.  My head and heart were in this story from the start and I lost track of how many times I laughed with Maddy and Will or cried for their pain.  It wasn’t just the love story that had me on edge, but the competition as well.  I was very much involved in this story and I loved every minute.  

Maddy Woodsen is primed to qualify for the Olympic Swim Team.  Strong and talented in the water, qualifying is going to be easy as pie.  With her swimming legend father as her coach, she is sure to go far, but only if she can navigate the murky waters that Will Hollister has stirred up with his return.

Will Hollister has had a tough few years.  Struggling through the publicity of being a star athlete that is the sole survivor of a horrific plane crash and the subsequent rumors of drug and alcohol abuse hasn’t been easy for him.  After all this time, Will wants back in the water and he is determined to qualify for the Olympic Swim Team.  But he needs his old coach to train him and that means pushing through some tough memories and coming face to face with some people of his past that he has been avoiding all this time.  Only time will tell if coming back to train side by side with Maddy was a good move.

Hold My Breath is a standalone novel with a HEA.

I am giving Hold My Breath 5 Stars.

Reviewed by: Corrie H