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Review : If I Dream by KM Scott

***ARC Provided by Author In Exchange for Honest Review***

'If I Dream' by KM Scott is my first book ever by this author.  I have to say she really does have a way with leaving you as a reader wanting more.  This book was filled with so much emotion that you really felt for the characters and invested in them. When that ending came, I didn't want it to stop because I wanted to know what would happen.  Yes, this book does have a cliffhanger, but the good news was, it's not that bad!

Serena is trapped, a prisoner on her own home under the watch of her father.  He's a big business man and all about money.  He keeps his daughters under strict orders at home and doesn't let them do much of anything, unless it deals with his fancy parties.  All Serena wants is to go to college and get out, but with some of her actions and things she does, it doesn't work out that way for her.  The only thing that gives her light and hope is Ryder, after she gets to know him.

Ryder is an underground street fighter who has no home or family to go to.  After one of his fights, he finds out he's been bought and now moved into a fancy mansion for a home.  He finds out his new boss has two daughters, but he has been warned not to mess with them.  When he meets Serena, the girl with the sad face, he is surprised to find himself falling for her.  When she ends up making her dad mad and he sends her away, Ryder feels his heart is broken, until the one day she returns!

Serena and Ryder in my eyes had a true love story!  It was forbidden, but they didn't let anything stop them.  Ok, I take that back, they had one huge obstacle and it was her dad.  Serena was constantly referring to herself as a "show horse" and boy did the author really bring meaning to that with the way her father treated her and her sister.  Ryder was in over his head and stuck working for her dad and that posed as a problem for them too bc it made their love even harder to be.

Emotions are constantly high in this story and some things will leave your mind spinning!  Once I started, I couldn't put this down and I definitely have to know what happens!

4 stars 

Reviewed by Jodi N.