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Review : In the Moment by Alison G. Bailey

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

An emotional, sexy and addictive fast paced read.

Fans of Alison G. Bailey will not be disappointed with In the Moment. True to her phenomenal writing style, this talented author takes you an emotional roller coaster ride. Smoldering passion, heart wrenching scenes and hilarity are all within the pages of this quick yet rich read. 

Cadence has had a rough few years. Devastated by what she has been through, she needs to start learning to live again and believing in the future. Amazing friends rally around her and the dialogue they share is funny, heart warming and will make you wish you had friends like hers surrounding you. 

Luken a sexy stranger hiding his own personal secrets comes into her life at a moment when she needs him the most. He is kind, funny, smart and swoon worthy. 

Together these two individuals will teach each other many lessons. The push and pull between them causes much angst but the end result is worth every tear, self doubt and preservation. They both need each other, they both yearn for one another however obstacles that mostly Cadence puts in the way of their HEA causes some road blocks for them. How they over come and come together is a beautiful touching experience to read. 

My take away .. live your life in the moment. Don't let anything deter you from finding happiness no matter what form it comes in .. at the end of the day, it's your life and you only live once.