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Review : Irons by MJ Fields

*** ARC provided by author for an honest review ***

Irons, Book 1 of The Norfolk series by M. J. Fields, is a phenomenal introduction if you have not read anything by her yet. I have had the privilege of reading several of her works and truth be told, each one gets better and better. 

Irons, follows the lives of Jax and Francesca. A life that has its shares of sorrow and heartbreak. We are introduced to Jax, as a lieutenant in the US Navy. Jax has always followed in the shadows of his father, always was told to live up to something more. Even if he wasn't sure what he was going to live up to he knew he wanted to change. Change the world if he could and he tries his hardest to make something of himself.  He decided to dedicate is life to that of his country and his fellow men. 

But a small decision, just a small effect can cause tremendous damage and for Jax those can cause a life time of pain.

Francesca has always looked up to her brother Will. Always looked up to Jax, her brother's best friend as well and when they decide to fight for their country, she couldn't have been any prouder than she was they day they left, but when the two people you love don't come home together...

Francesca has to deal with the fact her heart lies with the one man she didn't think would be back in her life. Jax didn't know where his life ends and begins if Francesca isn't in it. But what can they do when their lives are forever changed? Can they find the love and peace they desperately seek?

For me, I personally loved Irons. Irons is a military romance novel, but it has so many layers with in it. M.J. Fields is able to give you the details, but giving the extra emotions to her characters and I truly enjoyed every bit. 

Her style of writing is intriguing, she gives each character a spotlight within each book and allows for you to connect with each of them. Not a lot of authors can give their readers the connections they need and M.J. Fields was able to.

5 stars for Irons, I think you will truly enjoy this emotion and intense military romance novel. I can personally say you will not go wrong by checking out Irons and if you liked it like I did, check out Shadows. It's suppose to be as intense as Irons. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.