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Review : The List by Tawna Fenske


***ARC Provided By Author In Exchange for Honest Review***

This being my first book by Tawna Fenske, I have to say that 'The List' is a definite read.  Tawna did amazing with the storyline and I loved all of the humor and little innuendos she included!

Simon is such a computer nerd, but the author makes him a sexy computer nerd. He owns his own computer repair shops, makes millions, and has a body to die for. The only thing he doesn't have is a girlfriend because he cant seem to find anyone that doesn't want him for his money.  This is until a hot mess of a girl comes into his shop needing a computer fixed that has some interesting stuff on it!

Cassie is a soil & science researcher and is basically a nerd.  She has caught herself up in some fibs she told her sisters to make herself seem not so nerdy, and now she is trying to make a "List" of the items so she can try to find a way to actually do them.  Having her laptop freeze up in the middle of this list makes it extremely embarrassing for her when she has to take it to the repair shop and have the hot guy fix it, and see the list.  I mean what person makes a "50 Shades" type list?

Let's just say that Cassie's mishap turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime for her.  Turns out Simon has a bit of a freaky side and loves to be helpful.  Cassie's list (a different name is used for it but I'm not sure I can post that) intrigues him so he takes one for the team and volunteers!

Cassie and Simon are so great together! Cassie is so hilarious with how innocent she is with a lot of things and Simon is so good with her.  Simon is keeping a secret from her though and I can understand why, but Cassie is definitely a different kind of person that he is used to so I was a little mad at him for not coming clean.  In the end though, he stole my heart so he was forgiven.

For my first Tawna book I was impressed and would definitely give this 4 stars!!

Reviewed by Jodi N