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Review : Love Story by Lauren Layne

***ARC provided by the author for an honest review***

Love Story is the anticipated novel by author Lauren Layne. You don't want to miss out on this Valentine's Day release. 

Love Story is the third in Lauren Layne's Love Unexpectedly Series. I'm a huge 
fan of Lauren Layne. From Blurred Lines to Good Girl. This series is one of her best and after reading Love Story you will too. 

Love Story follows the lives of Lucy Hawkins and Reece Sullivan. Lucy and Reece have a long history with each other. Starting way back when they were children and ending with a distaste for each other. 

Several years past by, when low and behold, life throws them back at each other. After six years, Lucy and Reece haven't thought they would have to see each other. Let alone be stuck with each other. Stuck in a car going to the career of their lives. Finally getting their lives where they want them, but having to be stuck with each other to get there. 

But how can these two survive being under the same car roof with each other? When each of them can't do anything but press the others buttons? You can feel the longing between them. The underlying tension each faces through this novel. Both Lucy and Reece knows what they want for their lives. What happens when they figure out they can't always choose the people they bring along with them? 

Love Story is one of those books you'll find yourself curling up by the fire this Valentine's Day to devour. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Love Story. It's a heart captivating romance of 2017.

4 stars

Reviewed by Lindsey W.