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Review : Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino


‘Lucian Divine’ by Renee Carlino was a sweet surprise of a book. It is a little different form the other  books by this author but was still as well written as her other books, 4 stars from me.

Evelyn is stuck in a job with an ungrateful boss, she has no boyfriend or love life to speak of but her life changes drastically when she meets Lucian, her guardian angel. There is supposedly no way that Evelyn and Lucian could or should be together but there is a pull between them with a deep connection and a strong love. 

Lucian is not what you would expect from an angel as he is quirky, funny and actually quite cheeky.  Once he has Evelyn in his sights and in his heart there is no stopping him and he will inevitably become a favourite with readers as he definitely makes you swoon.

This is a book filled with love, romance, angst and fun. I’m not necessarily a big reader of books about religion but if you like to dabble in books with a paranormal and/or a religious aspect then this is a book for you. It is a star crossed lovers romance with an angel willing to break all the rules. At times an emotional read and unfortunately it does drag in the middle a little bit but worth persevering as it picks up again. It was an enjoyable read that I would recommend giving a go.

Reviewed by Louise G.