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Review : The Neighborhood by Stylo Fantome



‘The Neighborhood’ is the second instalment by Stylo Fantome in the ‘Twin Estates’ duet and is as gripping a read as the first book is, 5 stars. As said this is the conclusion to the series and it is imperative that you read the first book before starting this one.

To be completely honest with you I am not much of a fan of reading about love triangles as I hate when the one I want to get the happily ever after doesn’t and it works out for the other guy. I tend to avoid these types of books as I hate the sense of injustice and disappointment that I usually feel and I have to say that I am thrilled as this is not what I felt with this book.

Left feeling jaded and bitter Katya decides that she is done with feeling like that and she wants to get even with the two men she had trusted and had been badly let down by both. The only way to get even with Liam and Wulf is to play them on their own level and join the game.

As with the first book there are many twists and turns that keep you engrossed and surprise you along the way. I can’t say that everyone will be happy with how this book turns out but that is to be expected when there are three people in the mix.

It is hard to truly express what I felt without giving too much away. What I can say about this book and the first one in the series is that they are extremely entertaining and very unlike any others I had read. Stylo Fantome has a unique and flawless writing style that I love and I will always be eager to be pick up any book she writes. This story is very hard to explain as it had you experiencing a wide range of emotions and you genuinely feel for the characters even when they truly frustrate you.

Brilliant series that I truly hope you give a go.

Reviewed by Louise G.