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Review : The Obsession Series by Brooke Page


***ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review***

Obsessive, controlling, and love are three of the key factors in Brooke Page's new Obsession Trilogy.  Obsession, Hide, & Seek are the three book titles in this trilogy and Brooke definitely sticks to those titles well.  This whole series was packed with suspense as well as the love and humor I like to see in books to balance it all out.  I was excited to get this from Brooke because I loved her first series, The Conklin trilogy, and was excited to see more of these sexy Conklin men!

You first met Jamie in The Conklin Trilogy as the best friend of Becca.  She works for the Conklin architecture firm and is currently working for the new location in Florida which is where her family is actually from.  Nobody knows much about her past since she has kept it so hidden, but her past is about to come back to haunt her.  Having another best friend in Nathan Conklin, and dealing with his egotistical brother Mitch, Jamie is loving her job and the new location. She is not looking for love, or any relationship due to her past, but the one man she cant stop thinking of is the egotistical, brother that she has to work with at Conklin.

Mitch Conklin is the king of pick up lines. Always using them on women he meets, he especially likes to use them on Jamie. Being moved to the new Miami location for his family business, he likes to pick on Jamie in secret hopes that she will secretly give into him. 

He's the youngest and the one who has caused the most trouble, the "black sheep" of the three boys.  Ever since his dad died he's been trying to be a better person and prove to his dead father that he can do it; but nobody wants to take him serious.  His brothers believe he's involved in some shady stuff at their Grand  Rapids location, but he just wants someone to believe and trust him.

Mitch is definitely my favorite Conklin brother!  He's funny, witty, and of course gorgeous!  He really made Jamie laugh a lot in the series with his cheesy pick up lines, or just anything he says.  When things happen later on in the series that cause him to change, we definitely see a different side of him.  He becomes fierce and determined and I loved it.

Jamie's past catches up with her quickly in this series and the path of destruction it leaves made me want to not put the book down!  I had to keep going just to see what would happen next with her issues, oh and also with Mitch.  To me this is a must read series!

5 stars from me on this entire series!  If you like a love story with a twist and some suspense, definitely pick this up!!

Reviewed by: Jodi N.