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Review : Offensive Rebound by MJ Fields

***ARC provided by author for an honest review ****

Offensive Rebound: Holding Court by M.J. Fields is the newest standalone coming this January. You may know her for her Men of Steel series or even her Caldwell Brothers series. Trust me, you definitely don't want to miss this new addition to her astonishing list of novels. 

Offensive Rebound: Holding Court is like no other sports romance, her take is a breath of fresh air and I was hooked from the start. 

Courtney Cohen, is just a young woman trying to figure out what she wants in her life. Just like any twenty something girl would, but that can be hard when she has an overbearing mother breathing down her neck. Courtney wants to live her life the way she wants too by following in her father's footsteps. She grew up living amongst the basketball courts. Lived and breathed sports and never wanted nothing more to have time with her father. 

But when time stops and everything changes, can she make him proud?

Can she turn the Stallions into the NBA's most talked about team? 

Get them the success her father wanted for them?

Or will somethings never change?

Will she be able to prove to everyone even a girl can play with the big boys?

Courtney isn't like other girls when Trae Rhodes meets her. For him, he knew playing basketball was off the table. But when Charlie Cohen gives him everything on a silver platter what choice should he make?

His life was over all those years ago. He was a washed up basketball player, nothing else to prove. Nothing he could do to get those glory days back. The ones Brock took from him. But when Courtney's father gives him the opportunity to take out Courtney's ex, Brock and give him back his love of the game, "no" would be an insult.
When lines get crossed, and minds get lost how can Courtney stay far away from a player like Trae? She should remember what her past has done to her, instead of following her heart. He knew the moment they met, he wouldn't stop at one look. Can they stay professional, or can they have it all on and off the court?

M.J. Fields, made an incredible novel with Offensive Rebound: Holding Court. Her style of writing is interesting, the way she can give you the main characters, while letting the secondary characters shine as well. I loved the banter between Courtney and Trae. How their conversations flowed through each chapter and how the storyline held up to the very end.  I loved how M.J. portrayed Courtney as an independent woman. While letting her have a supportive and sometimes alpha male in Trae.  I thoroughly enjoyed to the every end and I can't wait to see what else M.J. Fields has next. 

Five glorious stars for the next bestseller by M.J. Fields. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.