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Review : The Room Mate by Kendall Ryan



With ‘The Room Mate’ Kendall Ryan has managed to produce another great story to entertain and excite us. This is a brilliant blend of sex and fun that kept me engrossed from beginning to end. This was a 5 star read.

Cannon is a doctor in training that has a lot on his mind with finishing up his studies, to pick a speciality to pursue and to make enough money to be able look after his mother and sister if they need it. Cannon does not however have time to deal with the certain brand of crazy that seems to follow him once he has sex with a woman. After his flat and all his possessions have been destroyed he finds himself homeless as his landlord feels he brings to much trouble to the building. Couch surfing has its drawbacks and he needs a permanent address but only for the next few months before he moves to the next hospital for his residency so his sister manages to convince her best friend to let him stay.

Paige likes her own space and having her own little flat that she calls her own. When Allie her best friend calls and asks about letting her brother stay she can’t say no as she would do anything for her best friends. It has been quite a few years since she has seen Cannon and although he is four years younger the three of them had all been close at one point so it shouldn’t be too bad letting him stay with her or so she thought. The Cannon that appears on her doorstep is not a boy anymore, he is all man and he is all trouble.

The chemistry is there from the get go, Cannon has lusted after Paige for the past ten years and even though there has been some years since they have seen one another he is still attracted to her and actually even more so. Cannon is not shy about his manhood or about letting Paige know the length of it. On the first night in the flat she sees him naked and he is not embarrassed about it at all, if anything it excites him and her.

This was a fun, light hearted forbidden romance. Cannon is all cheek and cockiness but has a heart underneath it all. He has lusted after Paige for a long time and he thought that being with her once would be all his dreams come true. He never thought he could actually dream for more or that there might be a chance he could get it. Paige believes in love and romance and was never the person to have one night stands as she needs a connection so when she finds herself suggesting a one night fling with Cannon she surprises herself. One night and that is all it can be as this is her best friends little brother and she feels she really shouldn’t be doing this but she just can’t stop herself.

Paige and Cannon are opposites in how they behave and that only makes their interactions better to read. He is all crude and explicit with his words exciting something in her that she has never felt before. This is overall a light hearted romance that does have some emotional bits in it but for the most part you will find yourself with a smile on your face while reading. A great romantic read that is sexy as sin. As ever Kendall Ryan has nailed it with this book.

Reviewed by Louise G.