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Review : Royal Affair by Parker Swift


***ARC provided by author In Exchange for Honest Review***

Royal families are one of my favorites and Parker Swift did awesome with 'Royal Affair'. This is the first book I have ever read by Parker and I fell in love with it and didn't want to put it down.  

Lydia and Dylan agree to one thing only... sex.  Dylan doesn't want a relationship for obvious reasons and Lydia wants to have fun while in London for her new job and a fresh start at life. Wining and dining leads to their new agreement and let me tell you, what a HOT and sexy agreement. Dylan is definitely not your ordinary royalty when it comes to the sheets!  He is such a surprise that at one point my jaw dropped!

Parker really gave these two characters an amazing story with the feelings and issues that arise.  Being a member of royalty has its issues and Lydia is sceptical with facing some of them and trying to trust Dylan.  So many times I myself wanted to reach into the book and just smack Dylan.  His rules for relationships sucked and I wanted him and Lydia actually together and out in the open!

Yes this book is the first of a series but it doesn't have a huge cliffhanger of an ending so I would definitely recommend reading it right away!  I cannot wait to see what happens next for Lydia and Dylan!

4 stars

Reviewed by Jodi N.