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Review : The Rule Maker by Jennifer Blackwood



The Rule Maker
By: Jennifer Blackwood
Writing: Awesome
Violence: None
Sex: Explicit
Narration: 1st person; alternating male/female lead

This was a great story!  I love Jennifer Blackwood’s writing style.  Her character Zoey was funny, sarcastic and extremely relatable to me.  I found myself laughing quite a bit at Zoey’s inner dialogue.  I enjoyed at great length the banter between Ryder and Zoey. The build up of the relationship between the two lead characters was outstanding.  There were enough hints dropped about the secondary characters, Lainey and Brogan, that I would be interested in reading their story as well.  And let’s not forget Jason, Ryder’s brother.  There has to be a woman out there for him as well.  This was all around an outstanding read!  Jennifer Blackwood is now on my list of go to authors!

Interior Designer Zoey Reynolds scored big when Jason Covington hired her last year to renovate an Inn he bought.  Calling on her skills again, Zoey can’t refuse this great opportunity.  Only one thing could possibly derail her success, Ryder Covington.  After a brief affair with Ryder that ended too abruptly in her opinion, Zoey is struggling in the personal relationship department and she is blaming it all on Ryder.  Zoey has a hard time accepting Ryder back when Jason asks him to oversee the new resort project Zoey is renovating.

Ryder Covington has one love.  Snowboarding.  There is little else in his life he has time for.  After a brief affair with the designer on his brother’s Inn a few months back, personal tragedy pulled him away from what could have been the beginning of something extraordinary.  Months later, he is presented with an opportunity to set everything to rights, but he has a lot of work ahead of him where Zoey is concerned.  She no longer trusts him, actually almost to the point of hates him.  

Will he be able to show Zoey that he isn’t what she has imagined all this time?  Will they be able to navigate through all of the unexpected circumstances that land in their way?

I am giving The Rule Maker 5 stars.

Reviewed by Corrie H.