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Review : Ruthless by Gina L. Maxwell

*** ARC provided by the author in exchange for honest review ***

Can’t tell you where to start with this book… words like; Hot & Holy Hell come to mind first! Captivating, faced-paced and melt your panties good are other words that describe this fantastic read by Gina L. Maxwell.

Ruthless is the second book in the Playboys in Love series and are about two characters that strive to be the best in their professional lives by day, but by night the tattoos, piercings, mini dress and hair comes down! Roman Reese is a successful attorney by day, branching out from his father’s firm to start his own with his friend and by night is apart of P4H, Playboys 4 Hire group, friends who strip for fun.. You can’t get a nickname like “Ruthless” from just being an attorney… or can you? He has rules that he will never take a friend to bed or even a friend of a friend, but that changes when he meets Addison Paige.

Honey Badger is what she describes herself. Claws on the outside but sweet honey on the inside. Addison strives to be perfect and be the best as a junior attorney. When the lights go down she comes out of her shell and has her sights set on Roman Reese. Finding out that Roman has one hell of a kink factor, does she indulge or move on?

Two months after a rule breaking evening for Roman, he finds Addison at his office as his junior attorney. Having her work for him proves to be difficult, but as times goes on sparks fly and both find themselves in the sheets, or on the couch or up against a wall… When a situation becomes too much for Roman and facts are blurred between the two; what will happen to the happy couple?

I absolutely loved this book! I will be going back to read the first in this series, Shameless. I love Addison’s demeanor, she rocks on her personality! She is a woman who is determined to get what she wants out of life, fierce and strong. The way that Ms. Maxwell describes Roman and his attributes.. Well, I won’t spoil it but it’s fantastic!

5 Steamy Stars!!

Reviewed by Allyson S.