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Review : Seduced by a Rockstar by J.L. Ostle

 ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Seduced by a Rockstar was one of those stories that creeped up on you. With every turn of the page you were pulled in deeper and deeper into the lives of Iris and Sebastian. Two people who should of always been together however had so many obstacles, misunderstandings and stubbornness to overcome. 

Iris moves to the US with her mother from England after her parents divorce. Attending her last of College with her cousin, Iris still yearns to return home after graduating. Sebastian is the epitome of a bad boy Rockstar, sexy, smoldering and at times a douche. The attraction they have for one another might be explosive but so is her cousin's temper, the same cousin Iris is attending College with and is also in love with Sebastian. 

The push and pull, twists and turns of the read is a real emotional roller coaster. True to J.L. Ostle's style the writing is flawless, characters developed and the sex scenes HOT. 

Right or wrong, Iris and Sebastian must figure out a way to either walk away from their attraction or give in to it facing the fallout. Who will be the stronger of the two, the one willing to risk it all for love. Will stubbornness and fear will out?