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Review : Set Me Free by M.R. Leahy



‘Set Me Free’ by M.R. Leahy was a huge surprise read for me as you would never guess that this was a new author by the way it was written. The subject matter may be dark and too uncomfortable for some but it was an exceptional read and give it 5 stars.

This is a story about friendship, love that endures through the most horrific of circumstances. Emmalyn and Kodah are the only bit of humanity that the other can cling to. At the tender age of six Emmalyn was thrown into the most awful of situations and her life changes forever.

Someone being groomed and forced to become a sex slave is never an easy subject to read about and certainly not when it is about some so young but M.R. Leahy manages to keep you reading with the hope that things will somehow work out and the bad won’t be as bad as you are expecting. There are times that you will be put through many different emotions but it is that what keeps you reading.

Emmy and Kodah are beautiful characters and a light in a world of dark. They both give each other strength when it is much needed but that can only help you for so long before things become too much.

I won’t go into details about as I think you can grasp from this and other reviews whether it is a book you can read or not but if you do pick this book up you will not be disappointed. M. R. Leahy is definitely on my one to watch list. 

Reviewed by Louise G.