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Review : Shameless by Teresa Mummert


***ARC Provided By Author In Exchange for Honest Review***

I am beyond excited that I got to read Teresa Mummert’s newest novel, ‘Shameless’.  I have always liked Teresa’s books and when I saw the blurb for this on when it was first announced, I knew I needed to read this!  Teresa has an awesome ability to really suck you into her characters.  She is so descriptive and gives them the best personalities.  She definitely did not disappoint with all of her characters within this book, especially the main characters Henley and Lucas!

Henley is attending Shamus Thornton College, or Shame U for short, and is the quiet girl who is just looking to get through school.  She has one best friend, Gigi, and never really goes out to party or anything because she would rather stay in by herself.  She loves to play the violin, but that dream ended when unforeseen circumstances with her family life happened and she had to sell the violin for money.  With her family life slowly crumbling and just trying to make sure she can stay in school, she never expects to meet anyone, especially not the bad boy stranger who she runs into in the dorm elevator.  Little does she know that since this bad boy first saw her on that elevator, he has his sights set on her.

Lucas Young is a student as well at Shame U and is from London.  He came to the states for a particular reason and of course you will find that out about ½ way into the book.  He is a tatted up bad boy that many of the girls want to be with, but he suddenly has his eye on Henley after running into her in her dorm elevator and she lies for him since he was being chased by campus security.  He has had his share of fun times with many girls, which many of them still get him in plenty of trouble throughout the story, but he wants to be able to find “the right one”.  Plans to go back to London after school ends kind of puts a damper on those plans, but fate has a way of working its magic.

Lucas was one of the funniest male characters I have ever come across in many of the books I have read.  While reading his parts and the words he would say, I could totally picture his accent and it made me laugh at a lot of the things he said just imagining how they sounded.  He is very outspoken and goes for what he wants.  Henley is so shy that it makes it all the better when reading all of their interactions.  He loves to make her blush, and that seems to be about every time he talks to her.  The chemistry between the two is explosive and believe me, it explodes quite a few times.

This book is long, but I will be honest in saying I hardly noticed because I actually read it within one day.  I didn’t want to put it down, I loved the characters that much.  There was a little bit of indecisiveness that drove me a little batty but everything else made up for it.  Henley is one of those characters that has issues with making up her mind and they went back and forth so much that eventually I wanted to smack some sense into her.  I looked at it as lessons learned though! 

4.5 stars from me!  I can’t wait since there will be more to this series, even though this can be read a standalone!

Reviewed by Jodi N.