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Review : Thrust by Sybil Bartel



I have a new book boyfriend, Alex Vega in Thurst by Sybil Bartel.

Alex Vega, high paid escort who is very commanding, bossy as hell temperament and has his own agenda and rules when it comes to his clients. He never dates, always has the upper hand in all ways; that’s why he gets at least five grand per client per hour. When a client wants his presence at a charity event he meets Olivia Toussaint, the woman who needs to sell artwork to help fund her charity for Veterans. Olivia has a soft heart for Veterans since she holds so much guilt for her brother who was a Marine with PTSD and lost him tragically. When a fight breaks out due to two clients meeting up, a disastrous event happens having Olivia angry and heartbroken and Alex helping her in ways he never thought would happen.

Olivia can’t stand Alex! The way he destroyed her dreams for the charity due to women fighting over him, she tries to ignore him at all costs, but Alex won’t let that happen. Olivia is turning Alex into a 180 tailspin, something he doesn’t know how to process.

“My life split in two. Before I came inside her. And after. Dark, light. Bad, good. Hell, hope. There was no in-between. I didn’t know if I was panicked or ecstatic. All, I knew, I’d set her on her feet and already wanted back inside her.”

Letting his guard down, Alex learns more and more about Olivia’s background. His act of kindness and soft heart helps her cope with her grief.  Everything around Olivia in her past usually ends abruptly, she has high walls around her and it’s not until Alex shows her ways to enjoy life that her walls start to crumble. What happens when she finds out about his “investments” (job), will she resurrect her walls again?

“I’m not going to date you Olivia Toussaint.” his blue-eyed gaze pierced me with warning. “I’m going to own you.”

I loved loved this book. Alex is all alpha, book boyfriend material. They way he encaptures Olivia and holds on tight and commands her body.. WOW! Just Wow!

5 Steaming Stars

Reviewed by Allyson S.