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Review : To Have it All by BN Toler

** ARC provided by the Author for an honest Review ** 

A riveting and gripping story like nothing you have ever read before. 

This isn't your typical love story, it's so much more. BN Toler wove such an incredible web of  intricacies and nuances that if you blinked you missed it. Reading this book and submersing yourselves within these characters will have you questioning and saying "what if" So many aspects seem far fetched, however how could or would we know maybe it has happened, will happen ?

Liam is a man who has reached the end of his rope. Living on the streets he has nothing to look forward to and only loneliness, despair and unknown on the horizon. Max on the other hand, has it all. Looks, money, power but lacks the one thing that all that can't buy .. humanity and emotions. These two men couldn't be further apart but in one instance everything changes. Life as they and those around them will never be the same. 

When fate hands Liam a chance at a better life, will he take it or is he playing with borrowed time. When love enters his life, will a secret so explosive ruin his chance at happiness? 

This emotional roller coaster is one to be savored on a quiet evening alone so you can absorb and lose yourself in the brilliant words that Ms. Toler has written. 

5 Fantastical Stars.