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Review : Wicked Cowboy Charm by Carolyn Brown


*** ARC provided by author for an honest review ***

Wickedly Charming….

 Wicked Cowboy Charm by Carolyn Brown was a pleasant read. I’m not one to enjoy cowboy romance stories because the dialogue tends to drive me crazy. That is just a personal preference. However, I did enjoy this story of two Texas “folks” getting to know each other and then finally giving into their attraction for one another.

The characters were very real to me. Nothing was far-fetched by any means. I love that Josie was a strong and independent female (girl power). To me she was an everyday woman of this century. Then there was Deke. He is probably the one cowboy I would be interested in. He had a Texas charm to him that made me smile and he was a gentleman in ways.  Like most romance novels, he was a womanizer before meeting his match.

 My only hang up with this story was at times it was long and very dry. As a reviewer, I am straight to the point kind of gal and I don’t like a lot of fluff. There was a lot of fluffiness to this novel. At times, I found myself skimming through to get to the dialogue scenes. I think if you are into long, descriptive novels with a cowboy themed, then this would be the novel for you.

 On a side note, what I really loved about this novel was old man Everett. When Josie and Deke happened to get stranded in Montana during a blizzard together, this wonderful man who is as honest as they can be let them stay with him. He was my favorite and his underlying story was beautifully written. Carolyn Brown captured his story and I secretly wanted more of his story. This old man warmed my heart. Thank you for adding him into the story.

 Overall, I did enjoy this novel. I would recommend it to an older audience who enjoy Cowboy romances. My rating is 4 charming stars. 

Reviewed by Kris F.