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Review : Wrecking Ball by P. Dangelico



‘Wrecking Ball’ by P. Dangelico was a pleasant surprise for me. I haven’t read anything by this author before and hadn’t read the blurb so was thrilled to get drawn into a slow burning romance with a brilliant and entertaining story along the way. It is 5 stars from me.

Left with nothing and I mean nothing Cam is desperate to sort her life out but she has little options on how to do this. After her life has been shattered she has to move back in with her parents and after years of trying to clear her name and cleaning up the mess her husband left behind she is done and has decided she has had enough, her life needs to move forward. There aren’t many opportunities on the job front and she with some trepidation takes on the position of a live in teacher/nanny.

Calvin Shaw is a quarterback for the NY Titans and he has had his fill with women. His now ex-wife is living a happy little life with the guy that impregnated her while she was still married to Calvin. After a betrayal like that he doesn’t want to deal with women but now that he has hired Cam as a live in help for his nephew he doesn’t have much choice but to deal with her.

This was a surprising read in that it had me going through more emotions than expected. I found myself laughing out loud and feeling sad in equal measure. The things that Cam and Calvin have had to deal with are more than most could handle so it showed just how strong and resilient they are. The development of friendship and the trust they share is a great story to follow but then things really heat up.

As I have said this was a new author to me but this definitely will not be the only book by them that I read. Highly recommend you giving this book a go.

Reviewed by Louise G.