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Review : #1 Crush by T. Gephart



This is one of the hardest reviews I have written as I couldn’t quite figure out how to express just how much I loved this book and be able to get that sentiment across to you. From start to finish, and I really mean that as T. Gephart had me in stitches with ‘#1 Crush’ right from the beginning. This was a massive 5 star read for me and I think I will be hard pushed to find another one that I’ll enjoy so much for a long time.

I know all of us have that one movie/music star that features in our fantasies, one that we can’t get enough of, I know that T. Gephart has one in particular in mind when writing this and who can blame her. We would like to think that we would be cool and composed if we met them and they would be attracted to us from the get go. We might not all be as bold as Tia is in this book but we would all love the chance to meet that one person.

Tia Monroe has the biggest crush on Eric Larsson and has quite literally stalked him down to his next movie premiere and is determined to meet him. Hoping that meeting him will get him out her system Tia is majorly surprised to find that he is not quite the jerk she was expecting him to be and so their story begins.

This was a hilarious read that had me hiding behind my pillow in embarrassment as well as giggling like crazy at the situations Tia finds herself in. This is all out ridiculous and fabulous at the same time. Reading Tia’s antics was like watching a friend on a train wreck waiting to happen and not being able to help them. There is a connection and attraction between Eric and Tia that gives brilliant banter throughout.

T. Gephart has been a one click author for me for a while but she is raising the bar with this book and I love it. I can only say that if you miss out on this one then more fool you as it is such a fun read. Highly recommend reading this.

Reviewed by Louise G.