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Review : At First Light by Mari Madison



‘At First Light’ by Mari Madson is a second chance love story that involves Troy and Sarah.  They had a relationship almost 5 years previous, and Sarah is still torn up over it.  She can't seem to stop obsessing over him and wondering what went wrong and why she wasn't good enough for Troy to stay.  Troy is a national news correspondent in Syria.   When things go horribly wrong for him, he comes home months later with severe PTSD.  He starts working for the local news station that is also the place his onetime love Sarah works.  When the two see each other again in person, the sparks are still there and they try to act friendly towards one another not allowing the other to see what is really happening to them on the inside. 

This story gripped me from the beginning.  Troy had so much going for him and when he returns, he has a hard time overcoming everything.  When outside forces try to harm Sarah and Troy is having difficulties will they be able to overcome how their past and their present is affecting their relationship and grow from it or will they part ways? 

4.5 stars

Reviewed by Jennifer A.