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Review : The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon



‘The Bastard Billionaire’ by Jessica Lemmon was a 4 star read for me.  This was the 3 book in the series about a family of brothers who have found love.

Eli is the cranky, miserable ex-marine who doesn't allow anyone to get close.  He has hidden himself away from everyone except for his family.  He is supposed to be taking over the COO position of his families company but he doesn't want to be in the spotlight.  His family keeps sending him personal assistants that he runs off within the day.  But when this personal assistant Isabella shows up, she doesn't take his crap.  She has ran out of options so she sent herself to work with Eli.  She runs the company that has been sending all of the PA's to Eli.  When Isabella and Eli start working together, they both realize the mutual attraction between them.  But Eli is so stuck on hiding that he doesn't realize what he is going to lose if he doesn't give Isabella what she deserves.  When his family interferes, he has a moment of clarity and fights for Isabella.

This was a good book that had a little angst, lots of hot sex, and 2 strong people who know how to fight.

Reviewed by Jennifer A.