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Review : Black Sheep by Zara Cox

*** ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review ***

Black Sheep by Zara Cox is the second book in the Dark Desires series. This series can be read as a standalone. Zara has a way with words when it comes to mafia and dark romances.

Growing up was hell for Axel Rutherford. Ever since Axel rejected his father, Finnan and the family business, his father has wanted to rein him back in, but Axel has other plans. Finnan has taken everything away from him as a young adult; forcing him into the military for his own devices and taking away the one woman Axel truly loved. He wants revenge! He has made a pretty good life for himself by acting on his own. From owning multiple nightclubs around the world,  owner to the Punishment Club  and taking businesses away from his father; he has made an enemy from his family. Due to his success, Finnan wants him back in the family and the way to achieve that is through Cleo, his past lover turned traitor.

Cleopatra “Cleo” McCarthy lives in hell thanks to Finnan Rutherford. Blackmailed into staying with him and forced to be at his beck and call since losing her family due to the man, she wants revenge of her own. So she plays by his rules. When a circumstance arises that puts her in Axel's path again, transferring her from one hell to another, can she let go of her opinions of the man?

Both Axel and Cleo have misconceptions of why they hate each other. Cleo believes that Axel is the one that killed her parents and Axel believes Cleo betrayed her by moving on to his father for inexplicit reasons. What happens when the truth finally comes to light? Will Finnan be served justice?

A page turner for sure for Black Sheep. Cleo is one strong female with everything she has had to endure and Axel is a dark soul alpha who takes no prisoners. This dark romance is twisted in some ways, has manipulative tendencies and will keep you on your toes for sure! Well done Ms. Cox.

4 Stars

Reviewed by: Allyson S.