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Review : Broken Glass by V.C. Andrews


Broken Glass…can Brake you. 

When I was asked to review VC Andrews’s new book, Broken Glass, I gladly jumped on it. VC was one of my favorite authors growing up. With that, I figured this would be fun to read as an adult. Well, maybe not so much!

Overall, this story was true VC fashion, Young Adult and long. Lots of twist and turns, and plenty of “why is this happening” and “what the heck” moments. Broken Glass hooked me from the beginning. Honestly, I had no idea there was a book before this one. Which I have to say, is a plus because it felt like its own story.

It was about two identical twin sisters whom their mother considered to be extremely special. They have to do everything together, until one day. Haylee set up her sister, Kaylee, to be abducted by someone she was talking to on the internet. Just to say WOW. I understand where Haylee was coming from but just WOW. Haylee hated sharing everything with Kaylee. Haylee wanted to be her own person and they only way she could do that, is to get rid of her sister. I will stop at that. You need to read the book to know what else happens.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the story itself. It pulled me in from the beginning and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. What I didn’t like about the was that it could have been A LOT shorter. The inner dialogue, kept on and on. VC could have been straight to the point with a lot of it. At times, I felt myself getting bored with inner thought process. This book could have been about 75 pages less and still had the same impact.

Overall, this was good read and would have been a better read when I was a teenager. I would recommend this book to the younger audience.

My rating is 4 STARS.

Reviewed by: Kris F.