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Review : The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott



“You are my home”

A heart-warming tale of forgiveness by Emma Scott in ‘The Butterfly Project’.

Rejected by 3 publishers on her big trip to the big apple, NYC, Zelda Rossi is not feeling the love. She wants to get her graphic novel Mother, May I? published to tell the story of her sister’s abduction, apparently her novel has “no heart”. She is rewarded to get a second chance to change the plot, but she soon realizes that is a lot harder when she has been robbed of art supplies and now only has $700 to her name. Down on her luck and realizing that New York is not as glammed as she hoped; she finds herself in Brooklyn at an Italian restaurant. There she meets Beckett, buss boy with a past.

Beckett Copeland wished he had a different life. After spending 2 years in prison for armed robbery he now finds himself as a mail courier and bussing tables. Watching a man die in front of you due to your actions is hard to overcome and that guilt alone has ridden him of happiness. Believing he is not worth of any happiness he goes through life one foot in front of the other, until he meets Zelda. She sees the talent that Beckett has in writing and asks him for help in the novel. Becket helps Zelda in more ways than one and vice versa.

Forgiveness is hard to overcome. To ask forgiveness from someone is even harder. Both Beckett and Zelda find their way out of their darkness and try and forgive their past.

You are captured in a wonderful story by Emma Scott. She knows how to draw you in and make you feel the heartache, pain and happiness within the characters. The story is unfolded within 3 sections and it flows so freely you don’t want put the book down. I am a first time reader of Ms. Scott and it won’t be the last.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Allyson S.