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Review : Cheater by Rachel Van Dyken



When you see the title of this book it may make some people think again about picking it up but don’t judge this book by its name as ‘Cheater' by Rachel Van Dyken is much more than the title suggests. It was a 4 star read for me.

Lucas Thorn makes no excuses for himself and he will be straight with you from the start. He has a different girl for every night and he doesn’t commit to any or make any pretence that he will. All the women know the rules and it is on their shoulders whether or not they can cope with it. No way will Lucas feel guilty about any of it, by letting the women know the score he is not cheating, well he says he’s not.

Shocked to find herself working for Lucas Thorn, Avery Black is not too sure what to do. It has been years since he broke her sister’s heart by being caught in bed with her other sister. Avery at one point in her life looked up to Lucas but after what he did and what he has become she has very different feelings for him now.

Ok so this book will not be for everyone as some may not think Lucas is a redeemable character and that it is a situation you can come back from but it is filled with humour, witty exchanges and the fun and light-heartedness that Rachel Van Dyken writes so well. Of course there is more to this than meets the eye and Lucas has reasons for what he did and what he has become.

For me I say you should embrace this book for the fun and likeable characters that it has and just go with it. As I said at the beginning don’t judge this book by its name it is so much more.