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Review : Cole by Tijan

** ARC provided by the Author for an honest Review ** 

Magnificent, Spellbinding and Powerful .. this story will leave you reeling and instantly make you want to re read it again. 

THIS is why I became a blogger ! This book right here is the reason why everyday I wake up to do the best possible job I can for the Authors and Readers. Cole is so much than a story. The words compelling, the characters formidable and the vibe unforgettable. 

Tijan pulled me in from the moment I began to read, at 10% in she OWNED me and by the end she made me into a flustered mess of a woman. What she did .. what this author was able to accomplish was write a story so rich in content, that there was absolutely no need for any over doing, whether it be violence, sex or angst. Perfectly executed, each word, each sentence every paragraph made you FEEL everything in your gut, heart and soul.  

Cole Mauricio is a force to be reckoned with in almost every aspect. He is beyond gorgeous, ruthless and powerful. His world is made up of violence, loss and heart break. Having experienced all three Cole is damaged in away most of us could never comprehend. 

Addison Bowman is slowly starting to come to terms with a devastating loss. One she felt deep in her bones, and one she thought she would never recover from. Her outlook on life is bleak, her desire to live .. slowly coming back to her. 

It took one glance at Cole to make Addison realize that her heart still beated, one glance was enough to make her see that life still went on around her and one glance was all it took for her to embark on a journey that will forever alter her life. 

The insta chemistry between Addison and Cole was explosive. They formed a bond so deep and so resolute that together they began to heal the others scars. Slowly and painstakingly, through actions, words and passionate intimate moments. They understood each others pain, but with Cole's lifestyle were they doomed from the start? 

When Cole's dangerous world collides with Addison's innocence, the time has come where everything they have slowly started to build and repair will be tested. Secrets, danger, betrayal all will come to the forefront. Will Cole be able to protect Addison from his world or will Addison walk away from it all? Who will save whom .. do these two even have a chance at an HEA when the Mafia is involved. 

I don't want to forget to mention the amazing secondary characters in this read along with ONE fan freaking tantic re appearance of a favorite. These characters all were major players in their own right, they all contributed to the evolution of the story and the growth of Cole and Addison. 

Do yourselves a favor and one click this read today, besides being an instant hit to any lover of Mafia Romance, Cole will show you how an epic love story can evolve from the most adverse of conditions.