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Review : Counterbalance by Kelly Moran

*** ARC Provided By Author In Exchange for Honest Review***

Kelly Moran hits it out of the park with Counterbalance!  Having a sexy, billionaire nerd as the leading man and the girl next door that everyone loves as the leading lady was brilliant. The two had the most tense chemistry I have ever read and it made for a great love story!

Xaviet Gaines is a twenty nine year old billionaire who started his own tech company.  Hes always been the geek growing up and all of society views him as a brooding anti-social business man.  He needs a PR person to help change this image and he has his sights set on one girl, Peyton Smoke.  He is determined to get her to work for him, even if it means begging.

Peyton Smoke was the popular cheerleader in High School and the one girl everyone loved.  She loves her job in PR but she is lacking two things in her life, love and family.  She meets with Xavier because she is curious at what he wants and when he offers her an amazing position, she accepts after he begs a little.

Two people who are total opposites of each other is an amazing story to read.  Peyton is so full of love and compassion that she has to teach Xavier a lot to get him to thaw, or break down his wall.  Everything she does leads to her turning his life around and he suddenly finds that he cannot go a day without her in his life.

I just wanted to constantly hug Xavier because even though he grew up with amazing & loving parents, he never left his geeky frame of mind after he became sexy.  He has always felt left out to people and just shy and introverted.  Opening up is a huge thing to him and as a reader, Kelly makes you want to be the one who helps him.

I have to give this book 5 stars because it tugged at my heart and just had so many feels to it!  Kelly did an amazing job and I cannot wait to read more from her!

5 stars!!

Reviewed by: Jodi N.