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Review : Crossing Hearts by Rebecca Crowley


‘Crossing Hearts’ by Rebecca Crowley is book 1 in the Atlanta Skyline series and it was a great 4 star read for me. It is told in the third person point of view and is a romance novel with a brilliant HEA.

Eva Torres is a sports translator and her new job is to be the Spanish translator for Rio Vidal, a brilliant Chilean soccer player who is the newest member of the Skyline team.   

Rio is coming to America from Chile and the only thing Rio knows and loves is soccer.  The need to prove himself takes priority over anything else so he has no time for romance or that is until he works with Eva. He then does everything he can to convince her that he is not like every other sport star. 

When Eva and Rio world's collide off the field, some things get lost in translation.  

Ms. Crowley, has a way with words,  even though you are reading it in English, her writing makes you feel the Spanish flavour that is being portrayed.  Very well done!

Reviewed by Lisa W.