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Review : A Deal For The Di Sione Ring by Jennifer Hayward

*** ARC provided by the author in exchange for honest review *** 

A Deal For The Di Sione Ring by Jennifer Hayward is her seventh novel in the Billionaire's Legacy Series. It was recently released this past December. 

A Deal For The Di Sione Ring gives you a unique take on a romantic novel. Jennifer's writing is easily read, the chapters kept me wanting to know how it ended. The different little extras she put in this novel were an excellent touch. 

Nate had one task to do for his grandfather. A simple request he made: get the ring that belong to the family back before he passed away. Nate has always been the outcast, being the half brother to the Di Siones. His grandfather was the closest to Nate and for being so close, Nate couldn't help get the ring back for his grandfather. 

Mina couldn't believe where her life was at. That everything she ever did, and would do, boiled down to this... walking down the aisle to a guy she couldn't stand. One that she knew in her heart was the wrong guy. Dreading the day, she wished for something. Anything. 

And that moment comes in the form of Nate. Not knowing how big Nate was going to change both their lives. He thought it was the perfect thing for both of them. He needed the ring. She couldn't get rid of it until she was married. 

No big deal. They get married. Both their problems are solved. What happens when you think a Deal is to good to be true?

It was an incredible story. One I know you will enjoy. I found myself captivated by every little bit of it. I am looking forward to checking out the previous six in the series now. 

4 stars for A Deal For The Di Sione Ring. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.