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Review : Dirty Wife Games by Clarissa Wild

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

For those who read Marriage Games by Clarissa Wild like I did, you could have been mistaken into believing that Dirty Wife Games was going to be much of the same. Well that’s where you would be wrong, this one was kind of tamer you could say. 

When Hyun escapes the man she is forced to marry, she tries to rebuild her shattered life, only to discover she is being watched. I was thrown by the stalker – Drake, for much of the story as he was extremely hard to read. It’s then that light bulb went off in my head and I had a duh moment. His character needed to be perceived in that manner to make it work in the story. 

It’s definitely not a book for everyone, but one this reader really enjoyed. I have a tendency to lean towards the darker reads and I loved how it twisted, leading me on a journey I wasn’t prepared for.

Be very careful when you step into this book as Clarissa will grip a hold of you, and force you to endure the ride until the very end……  You wouldn’t be able to put it down even if you wanted to.