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Review : The Do-Gooder by Jessie L. Star


*** ARC provided by author for an honest review ***

The ‘Do-Gooder’ by Jessie L. Star is surely your next read of 2017. I haven't read anything by her yet until this novel and it is a great read.

The Do-Gooder, started out with an intriguing prologue. I found myself wanting to finish this whole book in one night. Her characters came alive through these pages. Some authors have a hard time keeping their storylines flowing, but Jessie was able to keep her’s intact.

Lara wasn't that type of girl that believed on superstitions, however, when bad things happen, and your luck is crap... what does a girl do? She makes her own Lady Luck. Lara needs good karma, trying everything to get everything back in order. A simple college student will change your life, one good deed at a time. Only thing you have to ask her first.

Fletch, heard the gossip. He knew what Lara was doing but what good deeds can erase the events they shared that devastating night. They knew they weren't meant for each other, but that didn't stop them. Nothing could.

With three years behind them. Can they let everything go? Or will their hatred of each other burn into something more?

If you’re a fan of Abbi Glines you will truly enjoy Jessie’s writing. Jessie has a way with writing characters you can relate to and each chapter flowed right into the next one. It was a great, witty romantic novel. Don't get me wrong, some parts are devastating but Jessie was able to connect with the hardships.

I grew closer to Lara and Fletch, watching them grow up.  Jessie is a gifted writer to be able to allow her readers to feel the emotions coming from the pages. If you loved The Do-Gooder, you need to check out the rest of the novels.