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Review : Four Crows by Lily White


‘Four Crows’ by Lily White is not for the faint hearted at all. This is a deep, dark and somewhat twisted story that will grip you from the beginning. I can guarantee that this story is not for everyone but for me it was a 4 star read.

Elliott McLaughlin is the tortured hero in this story and for me its saving grace. After joining the marines at a young age with hopes of providing for and protecting his wife and son it completely shatters him that they disappeared and he wasn’t there for them. Even after fourteen years he still has no answers as to what happened to them but he is far from giving up. His trail leads him to the Crow family and to Maggie Crow.

As far removed from her family’s personalities as she can be Maggie Crow is disgusted with the way her family behave and what they do to others. Raised by a true monster and surrounded by other monsters in the form of her brothers. Although her father does in some sense try to protect her she knows what they do and does nothing. She has lived a sheltered and controlled life. When she does meet Elliot she knows she wants him, wants to love and wants to be loved by him.

Some of the revelations about what the Crows have done and just how evil they are is a bit hard to take. Although the story was well written and it was definitely an engrossing read I did struggle a bit with Maggie and how I actually felt about her. Your emotions certainly get a ride when reading this book and it is not one you will forget anytime soon.