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Review : Going For The Goal by Sara Rider



‘Going For The Goal’ by Sara Rider is the third book in ‘The Perfect Play’ series but is a standalone that you can pick up without having to have read the first two books. The first two books can still be read after this one as there is nothing in this that would spoil any enjoyment or story from them. For me Sara Rider has produced another well written and entertaining sports based romance, 5 stars.

Jillian Nichols is a sports agent who is struggling to be taken seriously as she is doing an internship for someone who feels that she should be using her body as a way to get clients. It’s bad enough that she is trying to establish herself in a misogynistic world of sports agents but being out right told to use her body may be that step too far.

Having one of the worst nights at a party she has attended to try and get a new client she finds herself locked out of it and stranded on the fire escape with a tall handsome stranger. For Jillian there is an instant connection to the guy and her night turns out to be quite enjoyable spending time chatting and debating all things sports and what is wrong and right in the word. When the door is opened and they get into the party her time with the stranger is over and she realises just who he is and after he gets involved in a fight she leaves.

Nick ‘The Punisher’ Salinger is a hockey god to many but his style of play and behaviour off the ice has led to some changes for him and his team. After firing his agent he goes in search of the woman who has haunted his dreams for years since the missed opportunity with her many years ago. Determined to have Jillian as his agent he goes all out to get her to give him a chance but things start to get blurry as both of them struggle to keep it purely professional.

Like the other books before this I really enjoyed the banter and bonds that the characters have. Sara manages to write well rounded enjoyable characters that you wouldn’t mind being friends with if nothing else. She is obviously a sports fan and that shows in the writing and characters. There is always more going in the background and there is always a great supporting cast that you get to know too which only has you hoping and guessing if there will be another book and who it could be about. There is plenty of spark and connection between Nick and Jillian that serves to keep you entertained. Another great book by Sara Rider that I would happily recommend.

Reviewed by Louise G.