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Review : Hard Rules by Lisa Renee Jones


‘Hard Rules’ (Dirty Money book #1) by Lisa Renee Jones is a fast paced and pulse pounding mystery/mafia/love story that ends on a cliff hanger that leaves you begging for the next book.

Emily is the new girl in Denver; beautiful and mysterious, she has a secret past she is running from.

Shane is a handsome, arrogant attorney who's come back from NYC to try and save his dying father's company, only to have his brother Derek cause problems.

A chance meeting at a coffee shop leads to what they think will be just a one night stand.....until Shane shows up to work and Emily is now his father's secretary. But that doesn't stop them from a hot and heavy romance.

The book starts off a bit odd with a prologue that really makes no sense until you get further into the book. That a side the book is well written, with lots of sexy exchanges between Shane and Emily. I can't wait for the next book to see what happens next.

5 Stars

Reviewed by Karen T.