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Review : Hot Shot by Kelly Jamieson

*** ARC provided by author for an honest review ***

Hot Shot by Kelly Jamieson is one of those stories that stops you in your tracks and think; “I am appreciated in my own life.” Second book of the Lost Shot series, was a great romance show casing two characters that are more alike than they realize.

Carrie, supermodel by day but has the passion for photography in her spare time. Has a chance to travel to Spain to learn more on photography and make something of herself to her family. Always striving to please them since she feels she is the outcast of her siblings. She doesn't realize that she is the glue that holds her family together until Marco enters her life and shows her she is more than what she thinks.

Marco, ex-Navy Seal owns Conquistadors Tequila Bar with his 2 best friends Beck and Cade. Rejected in life, from family and love disappearing; he has issues with his own insecurities.  Ever since Carrie walked into his bar, he has had eyes for her, but their love/hate relationship has put a strain between the two until their mutual friends become engaged. Marco decides to throw an engagement party, but he needs the help of Carrie to pull it off. With working so close, their feelings evolve to something more. Knowing that she is leaving for Spain soon, they agree to just a “romp” but what will happen when the time comes to an end? Will their relationship blossom or disappear?

I related so much with Carrie. With her insecurity of herself and life. When she realizes that she truly does have the love and support from her family and friends that she doesn’t need to strive for something far-fetched. The chemistry between Carrie and Marco is a joy to read. Kelly Jamieson delivers a poetic and romantic tale of what happens when two people come together who are insecure and strive for excellence, become more and find happiness in their lives.

3.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Allyson S.