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Review : Jordan Reclaimed by Scarlett Cole

*** ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review ***

A stunning and captivating read by Scarlett Cole. Jordan Reclaimed follows bass guitarist to the band Preload, Jordan Steele. At the age of 10, Jordan was brought up in the Canadian foster system and calls Toronto home. Abuse, neglect and abandonment is what Jordan knows best… nothing different until he ends up in a family home with Lennon, Dred, Elliot and Nikan. All boys were given the chance to learn music which has helped shaped them into the men they are today. Jordan has multiple issues and to conquer them, he uses his musical talent of composing new tunes. Helping out one his brothers late in the evening, he stumbles upon a dance studio and is mesmerized by the dancer inside.

Aleksandra Arlemov “Lexi” is a Principal ballerina for The National Ballet of Canada. She is the epitome of what a ballerina should be, a shoo-in in genetics thanks to her father. Russian descent, her father was one of the best dancers but circumstances happened and he was unable to fulfil his passion. Now with Lexi in the spotlight he lives his dream years through her but it has put a strain on her skills, life and relationship with the man.

From the moment that Jordan delivers composing music to Lexi for her to choreograph, their relationship takes off. Can Jordan see the light to his darkness or will his darkness overtake him? Can Lexi see past her dancing career for Jordan? Will Lexi’s father ruin her spirit about dancing and life?

There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this romance. Ms. Cole writes a stunning book about when there is so much darkness in someone's life, that, that light can truly penetrate through and that person can enjoy love. I loved Lexi so much, not just because this book is about a ballerina and dancing but how she is so strong in her talent and how she takes the reins in Jordan’s emotions, being there for him! Will be waiting on pins and needles for Elliot's story to come out Summer 2017.

5 Stars

Reviewed by: Allyson S.