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Review : Lost In Between by K.L. Kreig

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

I was all hyped up for Lost in Between by KL Krieg after reading a snippet of it in Alphas & Fairytales.

I really did enjoy it, even though at times I just wished the lead characters would get to the point.

This is a two-part story that kicks off quickly, giving us an insight into Shaw Mercer and Willow

Blackwell. Shaw is in desperate need of a fake girlfriend for a short time and is willing to pay

generously. Willow fits that bill perfectly, as she, herself, sees it as an opportunity to help clear her

mother’s medical bills.

What starts out as an agreement that is built purely on business, quickly crosses the line. The

introduction of the past clashing with the present and the trouble it brings intrigued me. I loved how

KL incorporated it into her storyline.

Lovers of KL’s writing will love, Lost in Between and will be hanging for the next instalment in


This is a four star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J.