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Review : Love Taker by Erin McCarthy

*** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ***

‘Love Taker’ is the final novel in Erin McCarthy's Nashville Nights Series. This sweet, and delightful HEA novel is one you don't want to miss.

Love Taker follows the relationship of Tucker and Elle. Elle is a hairdresser of the biggest stars. She's made the life she wanted. The one she desperately needed. She had gotten herself away from all the things she hated as a teenager. Moving away was her chance, a chance for everything to be better, a chance at happiness. 

But within getting what you want you make some sacrifices and hers is Tucker. Moving to Nashville, Elle left her best friend Tucker behind. 

Tucker, knew when Elle left their lives would never be the same. Tucker loves the small town. He doesn't need bright lights. He is happy in the life he has. A life that allows him to protect the small town, serve and protect. 

What happens when the girl you love needs to follow her dreams, and they don't include you?

What happens when the guy you love, needs to live his life, even if it doesn't have you in it?

I found Erin's writing enjoyable. It takes a great writer that can take characters and make them as real as possible for their readers. I am truly in awe of where Tucker and Elle's story ended up at. Love Taker is a novel I would highly recommend you checking out.

Four stars. 

 Reviewed by Lindsey W.