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Review : Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

** ARC provided by the Author for an honest review ** 

An absolute MUST READ for any romance lover with a guaranteed book hangover at the end.

Penelope Ward has written such a hysterical, moving, sexy, emotional read that I have no idea how I will be able to read another book for some time to come. 

With every turn of the page I was either laughing so hard my sides hurt, creasing my forehead in deep concentration trying to figure out the outcome or blushing so deeply my cheeks felt like they were on fire. The banter between Mack and Frankie was UNBELIEVABLY fantastic. The writing just flowed with perfection .. however the best part was the seamless transition between each characters POVS. The author was able to flip back and forth between them and even during the tricky instances of flashbacks did it in just a way that the reader was never lost for even one second. 

Frankie and Mack met in College and formed an instant connection. The friendship and bond they formed was rock solid, until one day, one decision would come to haunt them years down the line. 

Years later as they reconnect, life throws them curve ball after curve ball and as they try to navigate through it all they also have to struggle to deal with the feelings of hurt and betrayal from years past. They are two amazing individuals, each with their own issues and inner struggles. The one thing they excel at though is trying to deal with situations with humility, laughter and grace. 

You will be captivated and glued to your reader, becoming more and more invested to the point you won't be able to put it down. Penelope Ward will own you with Mack Daddy along with each and everyone of the richly developed and unforgettable characters. 

Sometimes the lessons you learn along the way during the journey makes all the difference in the world. This read showed to me that true love based on a solid foundation can weather even the most turbulent of storms.