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Review : Meant To Be by Maggie McGinnis

*** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ***

Meant To Be is the upcoming spring release from Maggie McGinnis. It's the fifth novel in her Whisper Creek Series. It's a delightful new addition to her work and a huge favorite of mine this year. I truly enjoyed every bit. 

Maggie's writing is light, funny, and at times packs that emotional pull you want. She gives you characters you can watch struggle, grow and laugh with. It's a beautiful thing when an author can bring their characters to life. Let the reader connect with them. I think Maggie did a tremendous job. 

Shelby grew up loving music. It was in her bones, her veins flowing with the melodies. Having to live her life not fully enjoying the music the way she used to do, was hard on her. Her life is constantly under the microscope. Being scrutinized about the littlest things can tear a person down. 

And for Shelby that is her life. This is how her life has turned out. Nothing is the same after that tragic event that plagued her a few weeks ago. Now she will do anything to get back to the girl she once was. The girl she forgot she was. Not the pop puppet they want her to be, but the country girl who loves her dad and music. 

Cooper had made mistakes. Ones he'll regret for the rest of his life, but the choice to tell the truth isn't one of them. The events that led him to his truth are some that's hard for him to let go. And sometimes it's hard to get away from your past. To grow from it. 

But when the people closest to you deceive you, where do you go? Who do you turn to?
Cooper never thought he would trade Boston for Montana, but here he is riding horses by day, and sitting on broken down chairs at night. However, he's here now and his life is just starting to clear. That is until a beautiful blonde shows up, bringing everything he has worked hard for up in the air. 

For Shelby she never thought her time away would have her changing the rules to everything she knows. But how can she say no to the only guy who is determined to help he find her true self again. 
I fell in love with the story of Cooper and Shelby. I truly enjoyed every minute I was with them. And you will too. Maggie will transport you to a small Montana town, and have you mesmerized by the country soul between the pages. All of Meant To Be is something you need to experience yourself. It's definitely a must for this spring.

Five stars. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.