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Review : Nine Kinds Of Naughty by Jeanette Grey


‘Nine Kinds of Naughty’ is the third book in the Art of Passion series by Jeanette Grey.

Let me just say that this book was just, so hot. Just so hot. I couldn’t put it down.

Lexie Bellamy is the co-owner a lead of the family company. She works under her brother who is the CEO of the company, only due to the fact that she is too young to be the CEO. She has worked hard to keep the family business going after their father was sent to jail for a white collar crime. She was never meant to be the lead. Her father never saw her as an option, only training up her older brother. She is a workaholic. Constantly working long hours in her job. Getting to the office first and leaving last. She has no time for anything else.

Dane Huntley is Lexie’s assistant. He has been with her for a while and he is damn good at his job. He has a way of meeting Lexie’s needs even before she knows that she has a need. However, this job is not where he wants to be. He wants to be able to be free and to enjoy his life in the way that he dreamed of doing. From Friday at five until Monday at nine, he enjoys the free life of adventure seeking. He bungee jumps and free bases and everything that he can in order to meet a need in his life that is not met with his nine to five.

The company is attempting to acquire an international business and Lexie and Dane have been tasked to make this happen. Lexie is still focused on work and making things happen, attempting to prove herself. Dane wants to get her to relax and with being away from her regular life, he will attempt to make it happen.

They begin in a deeply intense, sexual relationship and it is good. Lexie begins to relax and to separate her work time from her personal time. Dane begins to feel close to another person as he has not allowed himself to do.

I would give this book five stars. I would give it more, but that is the highest rating.

Reviewed by: Nicole W.